Welcome to Warrington Credit Union in Lymm.

Established in 2015, the WCU Collection Point in Lymm provides convenient access to the facilities of WCU without the inconvenience of travelling into Warrington.

The Collection Point is held in Lymm Library on Thursdays 10:30am – 12:30pm.

The Credit Union principle is one of ethical banking and affordable loans. Every one with an account is a shareholder. Money saved by members is then available to provide low-cost loans to other members. With loan interest rates far lower than the crippling debts imposed by ‘Pay Day Loan Companies’, and even lower than the High Street Banks, working with the Credit Union is the best way to help everyone stay financially healthy.

All Church Leaders nationally have promoted the work of Credit Unions and have encouraged Churches to play their part in this important work. This is the main reason why the Churches Together in Lymm have set up this facility.

One member recently described this service as “The best thing ever to happen in Lymm.”

Why not become one of our growing number of members?

  • Save towards something special, even just a pound a week
  • Know that your money is being invested in helping local individuals
  • Become eligible for a low-cost loan yourself

See Warrington Money Box for full details of the services provided.